D2 Coach Gets Suspended After Players Start Smoking During Celebration

College football team Ferris State Bulldogs

Getty Image / Icon Sportswire

The NCAA is back at it again as they have college football fans calling them out.

Although this incident happened back in December, the NCAA is cracking down on Tony Annese, the head coach of the Ferris State Bulldogs.

The division-two college football team has won the National Title in back-to-back years. After securing the championship in December, two players supposedly lit cigars in the locker room in celebration.

For that reason, the NCAA is suspending Annese for one playoff game, per Doug Samuels.

There is no footage of any players actually smoking cigars. However, in Ferris State’s celebratory video, you can see a player very clearly holding a cigar in his hand at the 29-second mark.

According to Doug Samuels, the NCAA claims, “the D-II title is hosted at McKinney ISD Stadium, a Texas high school facility, where – like most high schools across the country – there is a strict no tobacco policy.”

College football fans across the nation don’t seem to care about that rule, as they believe the NCAA is being hypocritical.

That might be true when you consider we’ve seen nearly every division-one program light up cigars after a big win. Even so, those teams aren’t playing at a high school facility.

The sarcasm is heavy with this one.

These college football fans may have missed the context that Ferris State lit cigars in a high school locker room.

Either way, the Bulldogs will be without their head coach in their next playoff game. Considering he’s led Ferris State to eight straight playoff appearances, there’s a good chance the suspension comes into play next year.