College Football Fans Clown Desmond Howard’s Playoff Picks (Again)

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Desmond Howard is yet again the butt of jokes from college football fans over his picks to make and win the College Football Playoff.

If you’ll remember correctly, Howard made some bold picks to make the College Football Playoff a year ago.

The former Heisman Trophy winner predicted that his alma mater, Michigan, would make it alongside Baylor, Texas A&M and Pitt.

Those picks immediately blew up in his face like a stick of ACME dynamite.

Week one of the 2022 season offered signs that maybe Howard was perhaps a bit off base. Pitt began the season with a nail-biting 38-31 Backyard Brawl victory over West Virginia. Then Texas A&M looked solid yet unspectacular in a 31-0 win over Sam Houston State.

One week later, the Aggies lost at home to Appalachian State, 17-14, and Pitt fell in overtime, 34-27, to visiting Tennessee. Those losses all but assured Howard’s predictions would not come true* (*though nobody knew how good the Volunteers would be at that time).

But Desmond Howard is a man of pride. He is not backing down in the face of scrutiny.

Howard put out his 2023 College Football Playoff predictions on Saturday’s season-opening edition of College GameDay. This time, he went a bit more conservative.

Howard selected three preseason AP top-10 teams in Michigan, Alabama and Florida State in addition to 11th-ranked Texas.

To his credit, he did accurate predict the Wolverines to make the playoff a year ago. But that didn’t stop fans from rolling their eyes when they saw he picked Michigan to win it all this time around.

Howard has always been extremely vocal supporter of the school that helped him make his name. And the Wolverines are unquestionably one of the top teams in the country in 2023.

But it’s still a little bit on the nose for him to pick them to win it all.