College Football Fans Pay Their Respects Following The Death Of The Outback Bowl

College Football Fans React To The Death Of The Outback Bowl

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College football as we know it is no longer. No, it’s not because the NCAA is obsolete or because college athletes are finally being paid for their name, image, and likeness, but it’s because the Outback Bowl is dead.

The devastating news was delivered earlier this week that ReliaQuest is the new sponsor of the previously known Outback Bowl. Outback had moved on months ago, but this makes the change officially official.

Any college football fan would agree that the Outback Bowl was right up there with the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl when it comes to the most recognizable bowls on the oversaturated slate.

The first Outback Bowl took place on New Year’s Day in 1996 when Penn State beat up on Auburn, 43-14. Penn State played in last year’s Outback Bowl as well losing to Arkansas 24-10.

College Football Fans Hilariously Pay Their Respects To The Outback Bowl