Your Favorite College Football Team’s Helmet Gets Desecrated With Your Most Hated Rival’s Colors

This evil genius Cameron Nolley done messed with the wiring in our brains by giving your favorite college football team’s helmet a makeover using your most hated rival’s color scheme. Check the gallery below and try not blow a fuse.

The Michigan Buckeyes… Yeah, sure, I’ll give you a moment, Wolverines fans.

The LSU Crimson Tide… Uh huh. I see a tide of puke.

The Georgia Gators… (Weird side note: Do people in Georgia drink Gatorade?)

The UCLA Trojans… You feel something Bruin in your stomach?

So simple, yet so powerful. Just a small tweak and we’re all like bulls seeing red. Cartoon steam comin’ out of every orifice in our face.

Whether or not you have any skin in the game, you probably think these concepts look dope. Or your alumni pride is just too strong to hate on your colors being used for a foe.

I couldn’t agree any harder, stronger, faster with this comment…

But, the hate is still strong within bros…

Once you’ve composed yourself, check out some of these other (less infuriating) helmet designs we’ve found from various artists online.

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Via Fox Sports

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