College GameDay’s Rece Davis Fires Back At Fans After Worrying Lee Corso Video Goes Viral

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College GameDay’s Rece Davis is coming to the defense of Lee Corso.

Over the weekend, college football fans shared their concerns for the 87-year-old Corso after he stumbled on his words while predicting the national championship winner.

During an appearance on the Dan Le Batard show, Davis fired back at fans criticizing Corso and said his 87-year-old colleague is still “razor sharp.”

“I would encourage the people who were, perhaps, to use your word, unkind or cruel, to reserve a little judgment,” Davis said.

“He’s doing great. I speak to him regularly, and this weekend in Columbus, I think you’ll see a much more comfortable environment, and you’ll see him be able to deliver, as he still does, which is remarkable. His mind is still razor sharp at the age of 87. I should be so fortunate if I’m blessed to make it far in my life.

“We don’t typically do the show in different boxes with everybody in remote locations.”

Some fans were not convinced with Rece’s defense of Corso.

“this is bogus period. corso had a stroke unfortunately 15yrs ago and has not recovered. i think espn and his family is doing a diservice to Lee Corso”

“Razor sharp? More like a dull blade. I feel bad watching this guy now, time to hang it up Corso. I love ya! But, you can tell he’s not the same.”

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