Watch This College Basketball Player Shatter The Backboard Into A Million Pieces On A Monster (Missed) Dunk

// the backboard is basketball is comparable in big-swinging-dickness to laying someone out cold over the middle in football and a Jose Bautista bat flip in baseball. It the perfect mix of athleticism and power, a feat that only a handful of men have accomplished.

Add UMass Lowell Forward Dontavious Smith to that list. In a game against Wheelock College, the 6’8” 195-pound freshman blocked a shot and went the full length of the court to make a play that would end the game early.

It would have been extra impressive if he actually converted the dunk. Cue the Sandlot’s Benny the Jet Rodriguez: “Ham, you idiot, now we can’t play no more!”


Congrats, Dontavious. Few men ever get the opportunity to say they’ve been mentioned in the same breath as cable connoseuir Chip Douglas.


“I love this game.”

[h/t Uproxx]

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