Colts QB Anthony Richardson Is Already Winning Off The Field

Anthony Richardson

Scott Winters/Getty Images

In a heartwarming display of character, Indianapolis Colts’ rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson has already made a significant impression on his team and the NFL community.

The 20-year-old, who was drafted as the fourth overall pick out of the University of Florida, recently demonstrated his humility and work ethic by voluntarily cleaning up a mess that he likely did not create during the NFL’s rookie orientation program.

The inspiring story was shared by Jake Query, one of the hosts of 1075 The Fan’s ‘Kevin and Query’ show. Query received the account from an attendee of a guest speaking appearance by Colts general manager Chris Ballard at the Indiana Sports Corp’s ‘Locker Room Series’ event.

According to Jake, during a dinner attended by all potential draftees, the room was left in disarray as everyone started to leave. However, Richardson chose to stay behind and began clearing the tables before the staff returned to clean up. Troy Vincent, the NFL’s vice president of football operations, approached Richardson and told him that he did not need to undertake the task. In response, Richardson explained that it was unfair to expect the staff to clean up the mess left by the draftees. He insisted on staying to help until the room was completely tidy, even though he was given the option to leave.

Richardson told Vincent: ‘We left this room in an unacceptable condition, and it’s not right for us to expect the staff to clean it all up.”

While this may seem like a small act, it speaks volumes about Richardson’s character and sense of responsibility. The Colts organization recognized these qualities in him throughout the pre-draft evaluation process, which played a significant role in their decision to select him as their potential franchise quarterback.

Richardson’s willingness to go the extra mile and his strong work ethic are qualities that are highly valued in a team leader, especially in such a crucial position as quarterback.


Immense Talent

Richardson’s remarkable physical attributes also contribute to his potential for success in the NFL. At the NFL combine, he turned heads with his outstanding performance, breaking all-time records for athletic scores among quarterbacks. His vertical jump of 40.50″ and broad jump of 10’09” set new standards, while his 40-yard dash time of 4.43 seconds ranked as the fourth fastest in history. Additionally, his imposing size of 6’4″ and 244 pounds sets him apart from other top quarterbacks in terms of both speed and stature.

Despite his exceptional physical talents, Richardson remains a humble young man. At just 20 years old, he has already displayed a level of maturity and selflessness that is admirable. As the Colts prepare for the upcoming NFL season, all eyes will be on Richardson, eager to witness his development both on and off the field.

If his recent act of kindness is any indication, Richardson has the potential not only to become a phenomenal athlete but also a role model and leader in the league.