Colts CB Stephon Gilmore Surprisingly Didn’t Know A Basic NFL Rule And It Has Fans Absolutely Confused

Colts CB Didn’t Know A Basic NFL Rule And It Has Fans Confused

Getty Image / Michael Hickey

The Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans game came down to the wire in Week 1. So much so that the two AFC South rivals resulted in a tie. The NFL has allowed ties forever and somehow some players aren’t aware of it. Stephon Gilmore is the latest to blow everyone’s minds.

Colts CB Stephon Gilmore Didn’t Know The NFL Tie Rule

According to Peter Schrager, Gilmore claims he “was ready to go to double overtime.” The Colts cornerback also states that he has “never been in a tie before.” Regardless, this basic rule should be common knowledge for every player in the league by now.

Did we not just experience a call to action for the NFL to change the overtime rules after the Kansas City Chiefs-Buffalo Bills playoff game? Also, Stephon Gilmore has been in the league since 2012. You’d think a veteran star like himself would surely understand the rules. Instead, the Colts cornerback claims he didn’t know the most basic and controversial rule in the NFL.

Gilmore’s statements have football fans flabbergasted. It feels like there is always at least one player who claims they didn’t know about the overtime rule when their team receives a tie. It’s gotten to the point where fans are now wondering if NFL players are trolling the NFL for its ridiculously stupid rule.

We’re starting to think the same thing.

A lot of changes could be made to the overtime rules.

We’ll see if the NFL ever makes changes to the overtime rules or not. The league seems content with how things are for now, even though many disagree with the format. At the very least, Stephon Gilmore is now well aware that ties are a thing, just in case the Colts find themselves in that situation again.

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