Colts Fans Are Selling ‘Deflate Cakes’ And Broken Cellphone Cookies Ahead Of Sunday’s Game Against The Pats


Taylor's Bakery

This Sunday night the Indianapolis Colts host the New England Patriots in primetime, and everyone in the greater Indianapolis area is getting all sorts of rowdy in anticipation of the big game. One local business is making headlines for shaming the Pats in a way that no one else has been able to so far: Taylor’s Bakery, a 5th generation family owned and operated bakery (founded in 1913), are pumping out deflated football cakes, Tom Brady ‘monster’ cookies, and broken cellphone cookies.

All of these delectable confectionaries are of course paying homage to ‘Deflategate‘, the scandal you’ve heard about 24/7/365 ever since news broke that Tom Brady had requested staffers to deflate footballs prior to the 2014 AFC Championship Game. Even if you love the Pats you have to recognize how amazing these deflated cakes are:




While the rest of the world has moved on from Deflategate the city of Indianapolis has not, which makes sense when you consider that they were absolutely DEMOLISHED by the Pats with a 7-45 score. Sure, the deflated balls might have given Tom a competitive advantage, but did the deflated balls stop the Colts from scoring more than 7 points? Probably not.

Will these cakes and cookies help the Colts score more than 7 points against the Pats this Sunday night? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean they’re not amazing. And if you’re living in the Indianapolis area and want to scoop up a deflate cake of your own CLICK HERE to get to the website of Taylor’s Bakery.