Colts DC Gus Bradley’s Denial About Patrick Mahomes Has Indy Fans Bugging Out

Colts DC's Denial About Patrick Mahomes Has Indy Fans Bugging Out

Getty Image / Courtney Culbreath

The Indianapolis Colts are set to face off against the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s been a rough start for Indy so far, so they’re hoping to bounce back in a big way on Sunday. However, defensive coordinator Gus Bradley had some comments about Patrick Mahomes and it has the Indy fanbase bugging out.

Colts DC Is In Denial When It Comes To Defending Patrick Mahomes

During an interview, a reporter pointed out that Mahomes typically excels against single-high coverage. Gus Bradley quickly rejects that statement, as the Colts DC claims he’s had great success using that defense against the Chiefs. However, according to Warren Sharp, it appears it’s been the exact opposite for Bradly through the years.

During his time as the defensive coordinator for the Las Vegas Raiders, Patrick Mahomes routinely torched the secondary. Some claim Bradley did well enough against Mahomes as the defensive coordinator for the LA Chargers. However, it’s not like he ever shut down the Chiefs quarterback.

What’s worrisome for the Colts though, is that it sounds like Gus Bradley is going to maintain his same approach against Mahomes as usual. Considering Indianapolis is 0-2 and facing a possible 0-3 start, the fanbase is questioning if Bradley is the right man for the job.

Raider fans know the pain all too well.

Did it though?

We’ll see how Sunday’s matchup plays out. The Colts have been ice cold so far while the Chiefs have been red hot. With Gus Bradley seemingly in denial, we could be in for a massive performance from Patrick Mahomes.

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