Commanders Say Report About Daniel Snyder Is ‘Categorically Untrue’ – No One Believes Them

Commanders Call ESPN Report About Dan Snyder Categorically Untrue

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When you have built up as much ill will as Daniel Snyder and the Washington Commanders organization have over the past two-plus decades, you aren’t going to get the benefit of the doubt.

On Thursday, it was reported by ESPN that Snyder has a file of dirt on Jerry Jones and is threatening to leak it. It was also reported that the Commanders owner is trying to dig up dirt on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and other NFL owners.

The Commanders have since issued a statement and, surprise, Washington is denying everything in the report.

“It’s hard to imagine a piece that is more categorically untrue, and is clearly part of a well-funded, two-year misinformation campaign to coerce the sale of the team, which will continue to be unsuccessful,” the team said, according to Washington Commanders beat reporter Matthew Paras.

“The man is cancer,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “If not removed, franchise is lost. Blatant disregard for ruling put forth by the NFL. No change in sight. Dreading another season sabotaged by his incompetence.”

“What a damn joke,” another fan tweeted in reply to the Commanders’ statement.

Lisa Banks, one of the attorneys who represents more than 40 former Commanders employees, replied to the Commanders’ statement on Twitter.

“The obvious way to combat this alleged misinformation campaign would be to release the Beth Wilkinson findings,” Banks wrote. “I wonder why Dan Snyder continues to refuse to do so? #releasethereport.”

The Washington Commanders have somehow managed to keep all of their dirty laundry hidden for years

Banks is referring to the NFL’s “independent” Washington Football Team cheerleader investigation.

Last October, two former Washington Football Team employees, Melanie Coburn and Ana Nunez, delivered a letter to NFL owners and executives that was signed by 12 former Washington Commanders employees urging the league to make all of its findings public.

In the letter, the former Washington Commanders employees wrote, “By failing to disclose the findings of the investigation, and by ignoring calls to do so by WFT employees, lawyers, activists, and most recently Congress, the League is communicating that it is more interested in protecting wealthy owners and preserving misogynist and abusive structures than in reckoning with its cultural problems.”

One year later, none of the NFL’s findings have been made public.

Not even a House Oversight Committee, which claimed Daniel Snyder used a “shadow investigation” to discredit his accusers, has been able to pry these findings away from the NFL.

Since we launched our investigation in October, the Committee’s goal has been to uncover the truth about the culture of harassment and abuse at the Washington Commanders, to hold accountable those responsible, and to better protect workers across the country,” Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, chair of the House Oversight Committee on Oversight and Reform, said in a statement this past June. “The Committee has worked tirelessly to obtain critical information, including the findings of the internal investigation conducted by attorney Beth Wilkinson, only to be met with obstruction from the Commanders and the NFL at every turn.”

What exactly is it going to take for change to be made in Washington?

Back in 2019, longtime Washington Post Sports Columnist Thomas Boswell wrote, “Like a character in a cartoon, [Daniel Snyder] has been sawing a circle in the floor around himself — with the billionaire the last person to know he was the one who would drop through the hole.”

Apparently, based on the Commanders’ latest statement, he still isn’t aware of the hole.

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