Michigan State QB Connor Cook Apologizes After ‘Snubbing’ Archie Griffin In Awkward Trophy Exchange

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//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsMy first reaction after I saw Connor Cook’s failure to acknowledge Ohio State Legend Archie Griffin’s existence after he handed him the Big Ten title MVP trophy was OUTRAGE! Like it would almost have been less disrespectful if he just drop kicked Archie off the stage and did the double-jack off motion to the crowd. For a brief moment, I legit thought he was going to smash the trophy over Griffin’s head, steal the microphone, and challenge the Undertaker to a cage match.

And then I turned the ‘Manufactured Outrage’ button off in my head and infused some facts (lol) and perspective. Cook just led the Spartans on a 22-play drive to set up L.J. Scott’s 1-yard TD run to give Michigan State the win over previously unbeaten Iowa, becoming Big Ten champions in the process. With the haze of victory, the 22-year-old was then asked to stand in front of tens of thousands of fans and translate his emotions into words. That is a lot. Like black-out territory. I bet we could have told Connor that he hawked a loogie in Griffin’s face and he would have been like “Wait, did I?”

The surge of emotions of winning the biggest game of his life was soon stunted after he logged onto Twitter and was strong-armed by hypersensitive Twitter trolls into an apology. Man, 2015 can suck sometimes. 




Twitter trolls are probably upset because now they’ll need to find a new trivial cause to be “””ANGRY””” about.

Congrats to Connor Cook and the Michigan Spartans for winning the Big Ten title. Special shout out to Michigan Wolverine punter Blake O’Neill for fumbling the punt and getting the Spartans to the title game to begin with.

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