Connor McDavid’s Hot Take About Shohei Ohtani-Mike Trout Showdown Sets Wheels In Motion

Connor McDavid

Getty Image / Steph Chambers

The World Baseball Classic had the perfect storybook ending after Shohei Ohtani struck out Mike Trout to secure the championship for Japan.

Not only are they teammates on the Los Angeles Angels, but they’re also two of baseball’s biggest stars on the center stage of the world.

Well, it turns out Connor McDavid wants that exact situation to happen in hockey more often. In fact, the Edmonton Oilers star shares a hot take that many fans are getting behind.

The reason hockey lacks these superstar matchups like this is likely due to the fact the NHL season doesn’t quite match up with the IHF when it starts playing international games.

On top of that, most NHL stars haven’t been able to participate in the Winter Olympics since 2014 due to the season taking place at the same time as the regular season.

At the very least, hockey fans want these types of matchups too, as most of them agree with Connor McDavid.

Who would have ever thought?

These subtle changes could impact the NHL in a big way.

Somebody, please listen to Connor McDavid!

Maybe one-day hockey will have their superstar matchups as we saw in the WBC this year. Until then, the NHL is our best bet.