Conor McGregor Revealed The Real, And Surprising, Reason He Put His Hands Behind His Back Against Alvarez

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At one point during his dismantling of Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 Conor McGregor put his hands behind his back, appearing to dare Alvarez to hit him.

Naturally, we all just assumed that it was McGregor’s way of clowning Alvarez since, as we know, McGregor is nothing if not a showman.

Turns out, however, that McGregor claims he wasn’t trying to taunt Alvarez as much as it was an integral part of his fight strategy.


McGregor revealed in a post-fight press conference his right hand had been in pain in the weeks leading up to the fight, so he developed a technique that removed it from the action for as long as possible.

“This (holding up his right hand) was out of action for the whole camp,” he said. “That’s why I developed that putting the hand behind my back.

“I would be doing it in sparring, then I’d jar it or hit it and it would be swelling up in the middle of the rounds — I just figured out ways to fight around it.

“To be honest I was icing it up until today but it’s actually alright now. I’m brand new. There’s not a f***ing scratch on me.”

Ehhh, while all of what he said may be true, I still think Conor was clowning Alvarez a little bit, don’t you?

Either way, as usual McGregor put on a show and once again impressed everyone who watched. Even former heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury

Sooo…. can McGregor just fight every month?

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