Conor McGregor Yells Out ‘Come And Get Me’ After Being Asked About Rumored Threats To His Life Made By Irish Mob

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Earlier this week, a wild rumor began to swirl in the Irish tabloids about Conor McGregor getting into a bar fight with people related to the Kinahan drug cartel last Sunday in Ireland. Despite not being named in the story, many have claimed Conor is “the well-known Irish celebrity” who allegedly assaulted a person closely associated with the Irish mob.

Via The Independent

A well-known Irish celebrity has assaulted a close associate of a senior Kinahan cartel henchman in a south Dublin pub.
During the row, a man in his 50s with close links to convicted drug dealer Graham ‘The Wig’ Whelan (35) was punched.
Gardaí are aware of the incident, which happened on Sunday night, but no complaint has yet been made.

It is understood the sports star attempted to assault another young man in the pub, when Whelan’s associate attempted to intervene before being punched twice in the face.
This man, aged in his late 50s, has been described as a “completely innocent” individua

Conor added fuel to the rumors by posting an Instagram post titled “the celebrity” in reference to the tabloid stories.

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