Conor McGregor Shows Off His Sweet Setup At Monaco GP

Conor McGregor at the Monaco Grand Prix

Getty Image / Eric Alonso

The Monaco Grand Prix is underway and plenty of celebrities are in attendance. One of which, is Conor McGregor who is stealing the show on Sunday.

He’s clearly having a great time as the UFC star showed off his sweet set up watching the race from the comfort of his own yacht.

First, McGregor walked around loose as a goose, dancing around in the middle of the crowd. MMA Orbit shares a clip of the former double-champ mingling with everyone in attendance.

Shortly after that, Conor McGregor shared a clip of himself eating breakfast on his yacht watching the Monaco GP. And of course, he’s listening to some old school rap.

There can’t be a better way to watch a sporting event, right? Right there on his own yacht, living the high life. And why not? If you have the money, you might as well use it.

As you can imagine, plenty of fight fans had something to say about McGregor’s video.

I’ll put it on my bucket list, as well as my list of things I’ll probably never be able to do.

This guy is trolling the trolls.

He’s going to all of the parties.

Meanwhile, some fans are convinced Michael Chandler is going to win this fight all because Conor McGregor is attending the Monaco GP.

Hey, at the end of the day, it looks like a phenomenal time.

Hopefully, McGregor is able to prepare himself properly for a fight against Michael Chandler. Especially considering Dana White and the UFC aim for that bout to take place in 2023.

Keep a lookout for any updates regarding McGregor, as he’s supposed to start his six-month testing soon.