Conor McGregor Is Reportedly NOT Back On The UFC 200 Fight Card According To UFC President Dana White


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Earlier this morning (1:46 a.m. to be exact) Conor McGregor tweeted out that that his name had been re-added to the UFC 200:

Unfortunately, it looks like his excited announcement was ill timed, as UFC President Dana White has come forward to state that McGregor is NOT on the card, and that he has no idea why he would send out said tweet:

Conor McGregor has NOT been added back to the UFC fight card … this according to UFC honcho Dana White.

TMZ Sports spoke to White this morning … who tells us, “It’s not true. We haven’t talked to Conor or his manager since the press conference. I don’t know why he would tweet that.”

He adds, “All the media keeps asking me that. I feel like the scene in ‘Step Brothers’ when they ask if they can build the bunk beds. I don’t know how many more times I can say the fight is off or how many more press conferences I can have saying the fight is off for people to believe it’s off.”(via)

Tl;dr: the fight is still off.

McGregor has yet to respond to White’s statements.