Report: Conor McGregor May Walk Away From MMA After His Title Fight At UFC 205

Will Conor McGregor pull a Ronda Rousey and turn his back on the sport that made him famous to pursue other career opportunities? If a new report is true the answer to that would be yes.

According to, after McGregor’s UFC 205 lightweight title fight with Eddie Alvarez on November 12th, the big announcement “out of left field” that Dana White alluded to recently is that McGregor will step away from MMA.

Said White to WFAN’s Outside The Cage, ““I promise…It’s completely…It’s something completely out of left field. It’s Conor’s business, it’s not mine, and I’ll let Conor announce it when he’s ready to.”

White also had this to say to ESPN following the announcement of the McGregor-Alvarez fight, “This fight’s coming up, and he wants to try to gain both belts. He will give up one of the titles after that fight in New York. He’s got some stuff going on right now. Some personal stuff that I’m sure he’ll announce when he’s ready, but this fight made sense.”

So what is this thing that’s from “completely out of left field?”

According to a recent report, it involves McGregor retiring…

While there has been no official word yet as to what the announcement is, a report from has revealed that after UFC 205 McGregor will announce his retirement from MMA.

According to the report, teammates at SBG Ireland have stated that the stress of press conferences, media and television obligations, and training, in addition to fighting, have put strain on McGregor’s relationships back home, and as a result he will walk away from the sport for a “significant amount of time” in order to “get his life in order”.

In addition, it has been revealed that McGregor, who will give up one of the titles if victorious according to Dana White, will be relinquishing both title belts.

McGregor has already received numerous opportunities to earn money outside the octagon such as his work for Call of Duty so it wouldn’t be a total surprise.

Besides, as Ronda Rousey probably found out, and Gina Carano most certainly did, you can’t really fault anyone for taking advantage of the chance to make a bunch of money doing something other than getting punched and kicked in the head for a living. That being said, it’d certainly be disappointing to see him disappear for awhile.

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