Cordarrelle Patterson’s Family Jewels’ Live To See Another Day

There are some awful things that can happen to a person in life, but, as a man, I can say that getting nailed in the nuts might just be the all-time worst.

Luckily for Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, he didn’t have to experience the pain of his ol’ dudes down there swelling up and feeling as if they were in his stomach thanks to the quick reflexes of rookie teammate Stefon Diggs.

While standing around during drills at the team’s training camp, a runaway football almost tested Patterson’s nut toughness—something that his balls would not have appreciated.

Being the bro that he is, Diggs stuck out his hand and deflected the ball away from Patterson’s family jewels, knocking it down like a defender’s supposed to on a Hail Mary attempt.

This could have gone terribly different if not for Diggs’ quid thinking, so, if I’m Cordarrelle, my first kid will be named Stefon or Stefonie, because dude owes the rook big-time.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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