Golfer Shows Up To PGA Tour Qualifier Wearing A Cowboy Hat, A Button-Down, And A Knife On His Belt

cowboy hat knife belt pga tour qualifier

Getty Image

Golf attire has drastically changed over the years, there is no denying that, but we haven’t seen the Western, cowboy hat-wearing look have a major breakthrough out on the links. Well, until now, thanks to one man that showed up to the Valero Texas Open pre-qualifier attempting to break that barrier.

Monday Q Info blessed Twitter in sharing a picture that was sent to him of a man wearing a cowboy hat, a button-down shirt, a giant belt buckle, and a knife attached to his belt. Just to be abundantly clear here, I’m not talking about a spectator, I’m talking about an actual golfer trying to qualify for a PGA Tour event in that attire. The picture will literally make you gasp.

I’m willing to bet my life that this man works in the oil business. I understand plenty of Texans do, but if that man doesn’t scream ‘I work in oil,’ I don’t know what does. It’s clear that this man had some work to get done this morning, maybe a project to oversee, and while most would say that he simply didn’t bother to change his clothes into normal golf attire, I think this is his normal golf attire.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to his playing partners today. Not only do they have to watch a cowboy swing a golf club all day, but they also have to worry about being beat by a cowboy carrying around a staff bag with iron covers.