The NBA’s Hottest New Concession Stand Snack? Tacos Made Out Of Insects

by 11 months ago
Concession Stand

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It’s usually baseball ballparks which lay claim to attention-grabbing snacks. The one upmanship of outrageous snacks in baseball reached a point where last season, the Seattle Mariners started serving cricket tacos. The tacos were so popular that they’d often sell out before the mid-way point of the game and fans would wait in long lines to get the insect tacos.

The Atlanta Hawks must’ve taken notice of this because they’ve added Cricket Tacos to their concession stands for the 2017-2018 NBA season. Apparently, these tacos made of six-legged insects taste “savory like sunflower seeds and crispy like chips,” according to Philadelphia’s CBS Local.

As far as the ‘eye test’ goes, these definitely look like legitimate tacos. And I’d be lying if I said they didn’t look a little tasty:

I have zero qualms about eating insects. I’ve eaten crickets, scorpions, and tarantulas during a gala at The Explorer’s Club in NYC. I’ve eaten rattlesnake and pig’s brain before. I’ve even eaten Hákarl, fermented Greenland Shark, an Icelandic national dish and one of the foulest tasting foods on the planet. I’m down to try just about any food and judge it on taste, and not judge it based on what I expect it to taste like.

If people are reviewing these cricket tacos at the Atlanta Hawks games as delicious then there’s no reason to think otherwise. I can’t fathom a world where I’d prefer to eat tacos made of insects that taste like sunflower seeds and chips over tacos made of fried fish or pork, but I’d certainly give these a shot if I ever found myself at a Hawks game.

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