Good Guy College Football Player Stops Serial Rapist Committing Sexual Assault Behind Campus Bar

Florida Gators linebacker Cristian Garcia was working his shift as a bouncer at 101 Cantina in Gainesville when he went out back to throw out the trash and saw the offender, 34-year-old Christopher Shaw, with a 19-year-old girl. Originally, he thought the two were hooking up, but quickly noticed that she was “basically unconscious” and their interaction was non-consensual, so he stepped in.

From First Coast News:

“The girl was basically unconscious, so I knew there was no way she could be giving consent,” Garcia said.

According to Garcia the man’s friends were watching the assault take place, and did nothing to help.

Garcia said he walked up to the man and grabbed his shoulders and told him he needed to stop. That’s when Shaw got violent and threw a few punches.

“I hold strong moral values and I don’t think anyone should be taken advantage of in that kind of way,” Garcia said.

Raping someone is ultimate scumbag status, but watching a rape and not doing anything? How do you even get to that point in your life? I bet it’s someone that says “Hey, man, it’s a free country!” a lot.

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Jacksonville Jaguars beat writer Mike Kaye tweeted that a former teammate can vouch for the Miami native Garcia being a solid bro…

The 6 foot, 1 inch, 235 pound Garcia was a walk-on in 2015 and appeared in one game at linebacker. After this hero move, maybe coach can find a permanent spot on the kickoff team. Welp, maybe not, since college football is probably getting rid of the kickoff, but at least make him an honorary captain for a game.

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Shouldn’t be too hard to realize why this story is trending. We’ve heard so much about Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and, for a hot second, Ezekiel Elliott (though it looks like those claims are manure) – football players abusing women – that it’s refreshing to see a player on the good end of the spectrum.

Via First Coast News, UPROXX

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