Fans Threw Flares On The Field At The Czech Republic v Croatia Game And One Blew Up In The Stewards Face

I’ll be honest, I don’t watch a lot of soccer. I watch the World Cups and cheer for America and go to Red Bulls and/or NYCFC games when someone has an extra ticket, but I won’t crash on my couch for the afternoon and watch a soccer game. However, when I do watch soccer, it’s mostly for the insane fan bases.

So of course I tuned into the Croatia v. Czech Republic game immediately after I started seeing footage of Croatian fans throwing live flares onto the field. And I was not disappointed at all.

Literally how is that dude alive. That’s a Harvey Dent caliber incident right there. If we lived in a world where Batman existed, that dude’s breaking out his luck double-sided coin and pistol in under 24 hours. I think the real question I have is how on Earth did all of these fans smuggle in flares and small explosives. I can’t get a bottle of shampoo onto an airplane but an entire stadium of fans walked in with flammable and potentially explosive objects. I guess the rules are different in Croatia.

However, people are already discussing what the potential fallout of these fans actions will be.

RIP people liking Croatia. They had a good run of people not quite knowing who they were and being indifferent. Now people know exactly who you guys are and actively don’t like you. Bit of a pyrrhic victory if you ask me.