This Girl Has The Nastiest Crossover Since Allen Iverson, Makes Defender Do The Full Splits

by 3 years ago

In the history of basketball, there have been some fucking insane ball handlers, with names like Tim Hardaway, Allen Iverson and Pete Maravich all among the tops the NBA has ever seen.

While all three of those dudes have made defenders look silly as hell by crossing them up and breaking ankles, I wonder if they’ve ever actually made an opposing player do the full splits when driving to the hole?

One player who can hold claim to doing just that? The girl in the video above, who was so smooth with her dribbling that she caused her defender to look like she was doing gymnastics instead of playing hoops.

When you talk about getting embarrassed on the basketball floor, falling to the ground like this just about tops the list, being right up there with getting posterized on a jam.

In fact, the only thing that would make this video a perfect 10 would have been if the play ended in a sick dunk in another defender’s face. Oh well, I guess we can just marvel at her crossover and applaud the fact that she could school any of us if we dared guard her.