‘Crying Cowboys Fan’ Talks About Becoming A Viral Meme, So Here Are A Few More Really Good Ones

Crying Cowboys Fan Talks About Becoming A Viral Meme

CBS Sports

  • During the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 49ers-Cowboys game, a Dallas fan went viral for crying uncontrollably in the stands.
  • The woman, Emily, spoke to 96.7 The Ticket to explain exactly why she was crying so hysterically before the game was over.
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Social media, as it often does, made a random person a viral sensation during Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys game against the San Francisco 49ers.

With 4:05 left in the fourth quarter, a CBS camera zoomed in on a Cowboys fan crying uncontrollably in the stands.

The Cowboys were down by six points at the time, but they certainly, as everyone watching saw, still had a chance to win the game.

Had she been crying after Dak Prescott’s ill-advised scamper up the middle with 14 seconds left in the game, her hysterical weeping would seemingly have made more sense. Even Ezekiel Elliott was stunned and had no idea what was going on at that point.

Also, as often happens when someone goes viral without their knowledge, the media tracked her down to set the full story on her breakdown in the stands.

In this case it was 96.7 The Ticket who was able to locate the woman, named Emily, and here’s what she had to say.

“So, I think that I’ve just always been a super big Cowboys fan, you know, since I was little,” she explained.

“Me and my mom would go and watch these games and I finally have gotten to an age where I understand football and I know the team and this is the best team since I’ve been alive that I have been able to watch and remember.

“And, four minutes left, I knew we just weren’t playing how we should have been playing for that game,” she continued. “And it just really got to me. I felt bad. I wanted Dak to win, especially after everything he’s been through. He made a great recovery. He came back. He played his butt off and I just wanted that for that team so bad.”

Emily also told the show that with around 30 seconds left in the game she realized that she had gone viral as she had “hundreds” of messages letting her know.

Thankfully, when she found out, it made her laugh. As did the many memes and funny reactions that resulted from her emotional outburst.

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