The Full Story About The Cubs Fan Who Rushed The Field After Jake Arrieta’s No-Hitter Is Legendary

Remember last week when reigning NL Cy Young Award winner Jake Arrieta tossed a no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds and some Cubs fan rushed to the middle of the diamond to help the pitcher and his teammates celebrate? Unsurprisingly, the guy has a pretty dope story.

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The fan’s name is Dylan Cressy, and, according to a great piece written my good buddy at FOX Sports, Dan Carson, this is his how the 22-year-old maneuvered his way into the huddle of Chicago Cubs players.

When the eighth inning began, Arrieta remained hitless, and Cressy—a 22-year-old Cubs fan—made the call.

“I handed my keys, phone and wallet to my roommate, knowing that this thing was actually about to happen,” Cressy told FOX Sports in a phone interview.

Predicting, or hoping, that the no-no would happen is one thing, but then to actually follow through on rushing the field is stuff that only legends are made of, as he actually used the shoulder of a security guard to help propel him over the railing. Cressy continued, via FOX Sports:

“I just used his shoulder as leverage to propel myself over the wall,” Cressy. “I had planned the jump without the bouncer standing right in front of the exit. I guess he anticipated something like that and blocked the way.”

After that, getting to Arrieta was easy money. Cressy juked a single, oblivious groundskeeper and was off to the races.

“I had to hit him with a mean cutback,” Cressy says. “From there it was just a bee-line to the mound.”

“I made eye contact with Kris Bryant and we shared a moment,” Cressy said, recalling his first moments in the scrum. “We shared a moment and a cheek-to-cheek grin. It was just pure joy and jumping around.”

While “sharing a moment” with last year’s NL Rookie of the Year had to be awesome, Cressy was bound to congratulate Arrieta, telling FOX Sports about his determination to get to the pitcher:

“I made my way toward Arrieta and I said ‘You’re the man, Jake,'” Cressy says. “And he mouthed ‘Thanks, man.'”

“That was my last memory before I got my arm shoved behind my back and cuffed.”

After getting cuffed and spending time in jail, Dylan Cressy used his one phone call to the dial up one of the biggest Cubs fans he knew, his dad. This is how he recounted the discussion:

“When he answered the phone he was like ‘Dylan! What the hell are you doing in jail?? I was like, ‘Dad, have you seen the news? I stormed the field after Arrieta’s no-hitter.’ He paused for a moment and starts cracking up laughing. He was like ‘I’m proud of you.’ He took it pretty well.”

Talk about a bro move by Dylan’s dad. So dope.



A student at IU who’s set for summer in a few weeks, Dylan Cressy already knows what his summer plans are going to include—and, no, he has no regrets about his decision:

“It was worth every penny,” Cressy says. “I had to ring in the no-no the right way.”

As for his post-grad summer plans? Cressy’s got an internship lined up, and more pressingly—

“Definitely some more Cubs games.”

He may have had to spend a night in jail and pay a hefty fine, but, shit, what a fucking story that he can tell forever.

[H/T FOX Sports]