3 Reasons It’s Ok To Do Bicep Curls In The Squat Rack

Any self-respecting bro out there prides themselves on their guns. If they didn’t they wouldn’t spend Monday blasting chest and every other day working on different bicep curl variations. How else does a bro build 18 inch pipes to show off during the summer?

Unfortunately there’s a tribe of gym douches who hate on bros for this very mindset. Probably because they do ridiculous things like workout their legs. These gym douches hate on bros for taking up their precious squat racks to perform bicep blasting curls. It’s become so popular that hating on curling in the squat rack has become an internet sensation.

But is it ever ok to curl in the squat rack?

It turns out, there are actually a few instances that it’s perfectly fine to curl in the squat rack. Enough with bros being persecuted for building impressive arms. It’s time we take up arms (so fucking punny, I know) and defend curling in the squat rack. Here’s how:

1. You can curl a 45lb plate on each side

Just the sheer fact that you can curl a human being, for reps, proves you’ve earned the right to slap haters right in the face like a red headed step child. There’s very few dudes in this world who can curl 135lbs and are weak in other places. So if you’ve earned this right, it stand to reason you’re pretty damn strong. People haven’t earned the right to tell you what to do, especially since you’re probably curling their squat max. If a gym douche tries to give you shit then throw them over the edge of a cliff onto a bed of cobra venom poisoned spikes. They’ve earned it, and you’re huge arms are more than capable of it.

2. Straight bar curls are better for bicep development

Straight bar curls are better for bicep development due to the fact that you can hoist more weight. This doesn’t mean you can get away with swinging the weight and making it a hip exercise. Dumbbells most definitely have their place and do a great job in building great bicep development. They create a bicep peak Arnold would be proud of. Heavy straight bar curls are unparalleled though due to the weight you can use, which means the bicep development you’ll get is far superior to dumbbells.

3. The squat racks are all open

If some douche canoe is doing a circuit with 10 different exercises and therefore requires dumbbells from 10-80lbs, pull-up bars, and kettlebells, by all means find salvation in the open squat rack. It has convenient racks just around waist height for you to rest the bar. Almost like it was meant for curling in. There just happens to be a convenient set of circumstances that has sent you to the squat rack to turn it into a curl rack. If it’s a good one, it’ll have mirrors for you to stare at and work on your “O” face while busting out your fifth drop set of curls.

Gym haters are generally the worst imaginable thing in this world. People do some weird and sometimes unattractive things in the gym. Like get swamp ass, grunt, and fart accidentally. That doesn’t give anyone a license to hate though. Gym elitists sadly don’t see the applicable reasons for bros to perform curls in the squat rack. That’s ok though, bros. Continue curling away, and when summer rolls around blot out their sun with your massive fucking bicep and make sure they don’t get a tan.