FINALLY Curt Schilling Breaks His Silence About His Thoughts On Muslims, Compares Them To Nazis

by 3 years ago
curt schilling tweet

curt schilling tweet

Curt, Curt, CURT. This is a classic case of a celeb dropping a “jus’ sayin'” tweet about an issue they just thought about for the first time that morning and thinking everyone will just excuse their racism because they’re like, famous.

Like Curt probably woke up, shot off that tweet, and when he sat down for breakfast was like ‘Honey, did you know Muslims are basically Nazis?  Crazy, right? Just saw it on the world wide webs. Pass the orange juice. Boy this seems like a normal day, huh babe?’

A Muslim guy probably stole his parking spot at Starbucks the day before and he was like ‘these dark-skinned dudes are dicks, let me see if I can find a derogatory meme about them to share with my 128,000 Twitter followers. Oh! This one looks adequately racist and within 140 characters. Can’t forsee this going poorly. I played baseball with a Spanish dude. I’m basically an ambassador for different people.”

And one ‘shame on you’ tweet later, Curt tucked his dick between his legs and did the old ‘What I said wasn’t what I said’ backpedal.

curt schilling

curt schilling

Curt you’re a World Series Champion and a cancer survivor. You’ve done enough. Stay in your lane.

[h/t Complex]

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