Curt Schilling Is Off His Meds Again, Throws Multiple Spit Ball Hot Takes About The Tragic New Jersey Train Crash

The Associated Press hadn’t even released injury estimates of this morning’s horrific Hoboken, New Jersey train wreck before the biggest shit head in sports, Curt Schilling, started throwing his stupid ass hot takes on Twitter. I hadn’t even had my morning coffee before Schilling was trying to pin the train crash on terrorism using his typical batshit crazy fear-mongering tactics. But before I let you bros really know what I think about this festering anal wart of a man let’s take a look at the timeline of Curt Schilling‘s morning, from ‘oh wow, a train wreck!’ to ‘if you don’t think terrorists did this you should be forced to live in Syria’.

Tweet 1:

Tweet 2:

And from there Curt Schilling jumps off Twitter to put his stupid fucking thoughts on his blog, something that Deadspin picked up and covered:

If anyone took the tweet regarding my thoughts on the train wreck being a potential terrorist act as “cool if I’m wrong” in a way that trivializes pain and or suffering? You’re a douche.
Of course nothing is cool about what happened and you safe space needing liberal cowards who wet your pants to respond can go find a dark enclosure to hide in.
My first instinct upon hearing “Massive Train Wreck” and then seeing the station was “Holy #$@!$, did terrorists do it again?”
If you didn’t think that, at any point, you’re a liar. Ya, I want it to be terrorists to drive an agenda. Liberals are the only humans on this planet who use that logic, or make it up, to back an argument that exists only in their minds. Yet they blame everyone else for it.

Did he just say that he WANTS terrorists to attack innocent Americans, both Liberal and Conservative, because that’s how much he hates Liberals? Or was that just complete nonsense because Curt Schilling isn’t capable of putting together a genuinely rational thought if his life depended on it? Or is it all of the above?

As noted on Deadspin, Curt Schilling doesn’t stop with that. There’s still fresh blood on the train platform in Hoboken and he’s trying to use this as a platform to potentially run for office one day. What kind of sick fuck is this person?

If I do run for office I’m not getting your vote, you’re voting for a senator who’s manipulated the system to her financial gain all the while milking the very system she derides. So champion all of her achievements or stick to things you want to debate (more laws will stop criminals from getting guns, federal gov’t must act on who can use what restroom, Donald Trump said mean stuff and “Hillary never lied” etc.).
So for those who are deeply troubled in understanding the written word, I’ll help ya out.
“My first thought when seeing the news of the train wreck, and pictures, was “Holy crap, did we just get hit with another terrorist incident? If I am wrong then (newly inserted ending) to all you cowards too scared to admit you thought the same thing and will lie to your grave about it I am saying COOL in a way that denotes COOL as in I am glad it’s not terrorism and not COOL as in “I don’t care about the injuries or fatalities”.

Just how in the hell a man like Curt, with his infantile brain and intellect, managed to turn this tragedy into a vessel for him to spew political venom is beyond me. He might be the worst man in America right now, I truly mean that. He also had a scorching hot take on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and anyone that supports it, so if you want to read that fiery bit then CLICK HERE to head on over to Deadspin.