Cyclist Wins Race, Eats Pavement During Celebration

by 4 years ago


Growing up, my favorite athlete was Barry Sanders. He was the best in the world and still remained immensely humble. He’d bust off a meandering 80-yard touchdown run and then calmly hand the football to a referee as if nothing had happened.

In other words, he was nothing like Noah Granigan, the 18-year-old Bro who won the junior criterium at the 2014 Tour of Somerville. Upon crossing the finish line, he raised his hands in celebration only to promptly eat concrete.

Granigan handled the spill like a champ, though. He accepted his medal wearing a bandage and had a little fun at his own expense on Twitter.

Falling hilariously is always a solid move in expanding one’s brand. No one would have cared about the Tour of Somerville if it hadn’t ended in a blooper. No pain, no internet fame.

[H/T: USA Today]


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