Dabo Swinney Has A Message For Everyone Wanting College Football This Fall

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The ACC, along with both the Big 12 and SEC, is moving forward with college football this fall unlike the Big Ten and PAC 12. The ACC is hopeful that it will kick off its season on September 12, but in order for that to actually happen, anyone and everyone involved are going to have to do their part from a health and safety standpoint.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney emphasized that fact during an interview with Packer and Durham of ACC Network. He, just like many other people around the country, desperately wants college football this fall, but it’s going to take a type of effort from a large group of people that we haven’t really ever witnessed before.

Swinney also spoke about the fact that people will be getting the virus on Clemson’s campus, that’s inevitable, but being honest and transparent about it is a key to successfully having a season this fall.

“But it still comes down to everyone’s personal responsibility to protect themselves and to protect other people. So I think just everybody has to sacrifice. We’re going to get through this,” Swinney said according to 247 Sports. “This isn’t for the rest of our lives. We will get through this. But we need to get back to school, back to football and everything we can as safe as possible. So just having respect for the protocols and understanding what close contact is, and if you can’t have social distancing, making sure you have your mask on and protecting yourself and protecting others, keeping your hands clean. All those types of things are so critical.

There will be people getting the virus. That stuff — people are foolish to think that the virus, somebody’s not going to get it. But having that plan in place, being transparent, being honest — I know the university has a great plan, whether it’s a quarantine dorm and how we go about all those sorts of things.”

But the biggest thing is just everyone being smart and not having big groups and not having all the close contact and all those types of things. If we can do that, we can get back safely and allow everyone to start getting some normalcy back in their life and get back to (normal). We have to live with this. We have to live through it. And eventually, we’re going to get over to the other side of it.”

Clemson is scheduled to kick off its season at home against Wake Forest followed by an open date on the schedule. Many assume that Week 2 could hold a Notre Dame-Clemson matchup as the Fighting Irish has joined the ACC for the 2020 football season.