Baseball Or Child’s Safety? Guess What This Dad Of The Year Candidate Decided

by 3 years ago


I know that leaving a baseball game with a souvenir is every fan’s dream—when they’re like, fucking, eight years old—but is it such a thrill that putting your kid at risk is necessary?

When pondering that question at last night’s L.A. Angels game, one dad decided that it absolutely was, as he reached over a fence for an Albert Pujols bomb with kid in hand, nearly flipping over the damn thing.

Getting burned by the usher—who tossed it to another fan—the guy was fortunate enough to end up with his own baseball when the broadcast crew had one sent to him, which was either a kind way of telling him that he was a fucking moron who can now die happily that he has a souvenir, or a just something nice.

Getting drunk and being stupid at sporting events is always a good thing—except when you’re there with your kids, jackass.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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