Dak Prescott’s Playboy Model Girlfriend Rips Him To SHREDS On Twitter Then Claims Her Account Was Hacked


Dallas Nicole Parks, Instagram - Getty Images

Remember WAY back in September when we brought you the news that NFL rookie sensation Dak Prescott was also apparently a bit of a sensation with the ladies as well?

Word on the street was that the Dak Attack was dating a smoking hot blonde Playboy model named, wait for it… Dallas Nicole Parks. Yes, DALLAS.

Welp, she was in attendance at Sunday’s game as Dak moved the Cowboys to 9-1 with yet another well-executed victory.


She seemed to be pretty happy with everything, right?

Fast forward to the middle of the night on Sunday and her opinion of one Dak Prescott seemed to take a VERY dark turn…


Dallas Nicole Parks, Twitter


Of course now she says that she was “hacked” because of course she was…

Oh well, if she wasn’t hacked and things between them really are over at least she’s already got some sweet gear to help her move on and support another team…


H/T Terez Owens