Dak Prescott Reportedly Kept Big Secret From Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

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When the Dallas Cowboys traded for then San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance, owner Jerry Jones told neither head coach Mike McCarthy nor star quarterback Dak Prescott.

That led to speculations that Prescott, in particular, may have an uncertain future with the franchise that drafted him.

The star quarterback has just two years left on his current contract, and should Jones opt to go in a different direction, trading for Lance suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Both Jones and Prescott immediately shut down that talk.

But now it seems that there may be something to it.

Cowboys beat writer Clarence Hill of FortWorth Star-Telegram reports that Prescott kept Jones in the dark this summer when he opted to go under anesthesia for 11 hours in order to get a large tattoo on his right leg.

“Remember the controversy about owner Jerry Jones not telling Prescott and Mike McCarthy about the trade for Lance,” Hill wrote. “Well, the highest paid player in franchise history didn’t tell Jones or his coach about the process of going for 11 hours under until after it was done.”

When asked about the procedure, Jones didn’t seem overly happy about it.

“I certainly didn’t know he was under for 10 hours,” he told Hill. “Just so you’re clear, I had no idea about tattoos. I better get up to date on it. I had no idea that required that kind of sedation of any tattoo. It further explains to me why I don’t have a tattoo

“I don’t have a comment,” Jones continued “My comment is it explains to me why I don’t do tattoos.”

McCarthy, meanwhile, found out the next day when Prescott showed up with an extremely swollen leg.

”I was like ‘whoa, what the…happened to your leg’,” he said. “So he shows it to me. I’m like ‘Jesus Christ, how long did that take? You’ve been doing it all week. He said, no, I did it all at one time’. He showed me a video of it and like ‘Oh, my God’.”

Prescott then said he didn’t plan on telling either McCarthy or Jones.

“I wasn’t going to tell them but I let them know after,” he said. “When I saw Mike the next day and my leg was big, he was ‘what (happened to you).”

They say communication is the key to a good relationship. So what does that say about Prescott and the Cowboys?