Dak Prescott Breaks Silence On Cowboys-Trey Lance Trade

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

Getty Image / Richard Rodriguez

After the Dallas Cowboys traded for Trey Lance, starting quarterback Dak Prescott breaks his silence on the deal.

Based on his comments, it sounds like it was an unexpected move that Prescott didn’t see coming.

According to ESPN’s Todd Archer, “Jerry Jones did not give Prescott a heads-up that a trade was coming and did not speak with the quarterback until before kickoff Saturday.”

As a result, Dak Prescott expresses disappointment that Will Grier is being released and explains what it was like having the Cowboys leave him in the dark.

“I can’t say that I necessarily expected [a heads-up], no. I understand though that that’s business. I understand that they’re probably on a timeline, they need to get something done. He felt like that strengthened this team and, yeah, ready to welcome [Lance] and, yeah, I mean knowing the strength of the quarterback room that we have. Honestly, right now, my heart and my mind is with Will. So it’s a tough situation, honestly. Love that guy to death over there. Plays his a** off, comes in, prepares the right way each and every day.”

Usually, NFL teams inform the starting quarterback of a move like this. However, there are numerous reasons why Jones decided not to tell Prescott until after the deal was done.

It’s possible the Cowboys wanted to act quickly and prioritized getting the deal done. Regardless, Prescott claims he wasn’t too surprised to see Dallas acquire Lance, per ESPN.

“You’ve been in this league eight years, been on this team, it’s hard to say that I was surprised, to be honest with you.”

Sometimes when a team acquires a young quarterback it turns into a bit of drama. Just revert to how Aaron Rodgers reacted to the Green Bay Packers drafting Jordan Love.

But for Prescott, he appears to be unbothered by the Cowboys trading for Trey Lance.

“I mean obviously understand it’s a business. That’s a first-round talent and you’re always trying to make your team better. But that was the front office, so we’re going to welcome him as we do any teammate and hopefully, he just makes us better. We’re going to continue to get back at it and know that we’ve got one goal as a team.”

Dak Prescott is 30 years old and will likely remain in the NFL for several more years. Dallas should be taking their time with Trey Lance and giving him everything he needs to develop.

With that said, there is no telling if Lance will ever become a starting quarterback for the Cowboys. However, the franchise believes he could be an asset.