Dak Prescott Reportedly Turned Down 5-Year $175 Million Deal From The Cowboys And Gets Roasted By The Internet

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Dak Prescott is currently negotiating a new deal with the Dallas Cowboys but the two parties are at an impasse regarding the length of the contract.

According to reports, Dak wants a shorter 4-year deal that would allow him to become a free agent at 31 after the NFL signs a new TV deal which could see player salaries skyrocket but the Cowboys are pushing for a 5-year deal.

Earlier this week, NFL analyst Chris Simms went on 105.3 The Fan’s “K & C Masterpiece” on Tuesday and claims someone in the know told him that Dak was a offered a 5-year $175 million deal and he turned it down because he wants more money in the final year of his contract if he signs a deal longer than four years.

From what I know of the situation, and I know from some people who are in the know that he’s been offered five years, $175 million,” “He wants a four-year deal. If they do agree to a five-year deal they would like a really big number at the end of that fifth year to cover their butts for what the market might be at the position five years from now. And I’ve heard he’s asking for somewhere like north of $45 million in that fifth year.”

The Internet was appalled that Dak would turn down so much money and instantly roasted him for it.

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