Dallas Cowboys Spend Their Bye Week Racking Up A MASSIVE Bar Tab That Includes 21 Shots Of Louis XIII

The Dallas Cowboys are getting healthy on their Bye Week right now, but instead of hitting Palm Springs for a week at the spa it appears like Dem Boyz are partying their asses off at Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse as part of the annual rookie dinner. The NFL ‘rookie dinner’ is a tradition every team has and it involves the team’s rookie players taking everyone out for dinner and picking up the entire check at the end of the night.

During these dinners, the veterans do their best to rack up as much money on the bill as possible by ordering the most expensive items (in bulk) that the restaurants have to offer. How the bill actually gets paid for by the rookies changes every year because some rookies might get FAT contracts out of the NFL draft while others might be making league minimum.

As I said above, the annual Rookie Dinner went down last night for the Dallas Cowboys and they racked up a crazy bill: $54,494.59 in total. And as my relative that sent me this article from Cowboy Wire pointed out to me, if you look closely at the bill you can see that they ordered 21 SHOTS of Louis XIII cognac at a whopping $250/shot:

via Scout.com:

“Yeah,” the whole team was there, and it was amazing,” Church said of the gathering at Nick and Sam’s steakhouse. “The rookies took care of everything. We had an amazing time.”
There was a time in the NFL and with the Cowboys win these “rookie dinners” featured position groups going out together and running up huge bills on the first-year players. Dez Bryant, while deeply embroiled in a Tuesday locker-room game of Laundry-Bin Basketball against defensive end Benson Mayowa, told me this team dinner was nothing like that.
“Nope, because as far as I know, lots of the guys just paid for themselves,” said Dez, long an advocate of brotherhood over hazing. “Nobody getting punished. Everybody together.”

‘Lots of the guys just paid for themselves’…Well, if that’s true then I think we can probably double or triple the overall size of the Cowboys’ Rookie Dinner bill, can’t we? If ‘lots’ of them were covering their own costs then I NEED to know just how much goddamn money they spent at that steakhouse!!!

…(h/t Cowboys Wire via Scout)…

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