The Dallas Cowboys Pulled A Total Bro Move And Hooked 100 Kids Up With The Best Presents Imaginable

After reading about this total bro move that the Dallas Cowboys and Ashley Furniture pulled last weekend I find myself waking up this morning without nearly as much hate for ‘America’s Team’ in my heart.

Saturday night the Dallas Cowboys and Ashley Furniture held a joint charity event, it was a sleepover for 100 kids on the field at Dallas’ AT&T Stadium. Specifically, 100 kids fall into the category of ‘underserved’, and none of them have beds of their own to sleep in at night due to poverty.

When the underserved kids showed up to the Cowboys Stadium to sleep on the field overnight they were greeted with the most unimaginably wonderful gift: a Dallas Cowboys bed, sheets, stuffed animals, toys, and a lot more swag. Initially all of these kids thought these were just the beds they’d be sleeping in for that night’s AT&T Stadium sleepover, but it didn’t end there. reports:

The eyes of about 100 kids widened as they ran onto the field at AT&T Stadium in Dallas on Friday. Each of them rushed to a bed set up on the field where Dallas Cowboy swag awaited. Sure, they were there for a sleepover, but sleep was the last thing on their minds.
The Dallas Cowboys and Ashley Furniture HomeStore hosted 100 underserved children this weekend in what’s been deemed the “ultimate sleepover experience.” The kids take part in on-field games and entertainment with Dallas Cowboys players and cheerleaders, eat pizza and watch a movie on the giant center-hung video board.
After the sleepover, Ashley Furniture delivers the beds to each child’s home to keep.
A portion of the proceeds from every mattress purchase at local Ashley Furniture HomeStores benefit children in need.

100 kids who spent each night sleeping on the floor, a cot, the couch, wherever…They all have beds of their very own to sleep in now. Seriously, bro, can you imagine not having something as basic as your own bed to come home to each night? Is that not one of the things in life we take for granted the most because it’s so engrained in our nightly routine? It breaks my heart to think about kids without their own beds to sleep in, and I’m 100% making my next furniture purchase at Ashley Furniture if a portion of those proceeds go to these children in need.

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