Watch Damar Hamlin Announce His Official Comeback To NFL

Damar Hamlin

Getty Image / Timothy T Ludwig

It’s been a long and emotional journey for Damar Hamlin since he suffered that scary incident late last season.

However, he’s back on his feet and is well on his way to recovering.

With that said, it sounds like Hamlin aims to actually make a comeback to the NFL, sooner rather than later.

According to NFL reporter Arye Pulli, Damar Hamlin made the official announcement on Tuesday. Watch the Bills’ safety make the announcement himself.

This is remarkable news, as Hamlin’s football career was in doubt since suffering his injury.

Even so, it appears doctors are clearing him for football activity soon. For that reason, Damar Hamlin aims to return to the Bills this offseason.

It’s a risky decision, as many football fans aren’t sure how to feel about Hamlin’s choice to return to the sport.

Some fans think Damar Hamlin should move on from football.

Does Hamlin even need to play well to win this award next season?

Hamlin will remain on the Bills throughout the offseason. If he makes the final roster, which wasn’t a problem before the injury, the young safety will play on his existing rookie contract.

With that said, Damar Hamlin will be a player to monitor throughout the Bills’ training camp and preseason.

The fact he’s gotten to this point in his recovery is awesome. But if he can work his way back onto the field, then this kid might just be a true warrior.