Heartwarming Video Shows The Moment Damar Hamlin Makes White House Visit And Meets The President

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Four months ago, Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin nearly died.

Hamlin, then 24 years old, collapsed on the turf at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati and needed to be revived before being taken to a local hospital.

Slowly but surely, he began to make his recovery.

It started with breathing on his own then. Then he became awake and alert before being able to speak to his doctors and family members in the hospital.

Days later, he FaceTimed his Buffalo Bills teams in a surprise appearance while they attended team meetings. Hamlin was released from the hospital a little over a week after he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Since then, life has been a bit of a whirlwind for the Pittsburgh native.

He stated he intends to return to the NFL, but will need to be cleared by doctors before doing so. He returned to the Buffalo Bills’ practice facility and later attended his first game, though he did from a sky box rather than on the field due to ongoing medical concerns.

Hamlin attended the NFL honors and later the Super Bowl, which the second appearance landing him in hot water with former star running back Adrian Peterson over his choice of apparel.

Since that appearance, things have been quiet on the Damar Hamlin front.

That is, until Friday. That’s when Hamlin made a visit to the White House as a guest of President Joe Biden. White House cameras were, of course, there to capture the special moment.

“How are you feeling,” Biden asked Hamlin.

To which the latter responded that he felt good and was glad to be there. Hamlin also told Biden that he still believes he’ll return to the playing field.

Hamlin’s brother Damir then shared the story of when Biden called while Damar was in the hospital and told him he’d like him to come visit the White House. Damir stated that his brother “lit right up” when he found out.

In all, it’s a touching moment regardless of political beliefs and it’s nice to see Hamlin make such a strong recovery after such a terrifying incident.