Report: Dan Gilbert Wants Full Control Of The Cavs, Might Not Give LeBron James No-Trade Clause In Next Contract

by 1 year ago

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The ongoing beef between LeBron James and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert may inevitably drive away the greatest player in the planet away from Cleveland.

According to an NBA source who spoke with Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck Dan Gilbert has been slowly regaining control of the Cavs front office and is willing to play hardball with LeBron in the offseason.

Via Bleacher Report

Across the league, it’s virtually an article of faith that if James leaves the Cavs again, it will be primarily because of the fractured relationship with Gilbert. “LeBron wants to be in charge of everything, which is what puts him at odds with Dan,” one source said. “Dan wants to be in charge of everything.”

The belief is that Gilbert, having reasserted control after chasing out Griffin, will rebuff James’ request for a no-trade clause, or any other measures that give him leverage. And that will be enough to drive James away.

“Dan Gilbert’s not going to do what it takes to keep him,” the same source predicted. “Not a chance in hell he’s going to give him a no-trade clause, or let him dictate contract terms.”

It’s been pretty crazy that LeBron and Dan Gilbert have coexisted this long but we’ll have to see what happens in the offseason if the Cavs come up short the playoffs.

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