Dan Marino Is Suing the NFL Over Concussions

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The current fight over concussions suffered by past NFL players just got a big-name boost. Per the Los Angeles Times:

[Dan] Marino, the Hall of Fame member and former Miami Dolphins quarterback, last week sued the NFL over concussions, according to federal court records.

As the behind-the-scenes effort to gain approval for the proposed $765-million settlement of the concussion litigation continues, Marino and 14 other former players sued in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia.

There are currently more than 300 lawsuits that have been filed against the NFL, encompassing over 5,000 former players. The league’s offer of three-quarters of a billion dollars has yet to be divvied up, and it would appear Marino wants some of that money.

His complaint does not state any specific injury or incident.

No specific symptoms are alleged for Marino, selected to nine Pro Bowl games when he played from 1983 to 1999. Boilerplate language is used in Marino’s short-form complaint. One is submitted for each plaintiff.

“On information and belief, the Plaintiff … sustained repetitive, traumatic sub-concussive and/or concussive head impacts during NFL games and/or practices,” the short-form complaint said.

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