Dan Mullen Picks UF To Finish 4th In SEC East Then Immediately Gets Blamed For Downfall Of Program

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Dan Mullen is not well-liked in Gainesville these days. The former Florida football coach was fired after last season’s 6-7 campaign where they dropped games to non-traditional SEC programs Kentucky, South Carolina, and Missouri.

Not to mention, they were blown out 34-7 by their biggest SEC rival, Georgia, and lost a bowl game to in-state foe UCF.

While it wasn’t all bad (Mullen won 10 games in each of his first two seasons, making an SEC title appearance in 2019), things soured between the two sides in 2022.

Mullen seemed more interested in testing out the NFL waters as opposed to hitting the recruiting trail, with his name constantly being linked to professional job openings.

Now, he’s out of coaching altogether, landing a gig with ESPN for college football season. On Thursday, Mullen dropped his SEC predictions, and let’s just say Florida fans aren’t happy with his projections.

Florida fans roast Dan Mullen for SEC Predictions

Mullen picked the Gators to finish 4th in the SEC East, falling behind Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. Most believe that’s about as high as the Gators can go in 2022, with some even putting them behind South Carolina, who beat them by three touchdowns last year.

UF fans are now taking a moment to call out Mullen, saying he’s the reason why the Gators are projected to be a middle-of-the-road team in the SEC East this year.

One Gator fans says, “Couldn’t be because you just stopped recruiting or caring. Letting the school who paid you tons of money and players who believed in you down. You quit on your boys. SMH.”

Another Florida supporter wrote, “Well we recruited middle of the pack the past 4 cycles. You would know about that… I guess middle of the pack is where we would end up.”

This fan believes Florida would be at the top if not for Mullen, posting, “If you were a decent coach, Florida would be #1.”

Gator fans hope their team will outplay Mullen’s expectations in 2022. If not, they’ll continue to blame him for the recent downfall.

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