Dan Snyder Left The Skins-Cardinals Game Early In Disgust, Spit On Stadium Floor

Matt Kartozian / USA Today

Washington Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder is a notoriously terrible person.

Why, just yesterday, he publicly grandstanded with a Native American, bringing the president of the Navajo Nation to watch his team lose to the Arizona Cardinals. 

Watch being the operative word, because according to a report on SBNation’s Revenge of the Birds blog, Snyder couldn’t bring himself to stay the whole game. From Fansided:

Former Cardinal player Bertrand Berry reported on a postgame radio show, per SB Nation’s Revenge of the Birds, that Dan Snyder, ‘left University of Phoenix Stadium early in the fourth quarter and, before leaving, emphatically spat on the ground inside the stadium as a visible act of disgust.’

Here’s what Betrand had to say.

The Washington owner was leaving the stadium, as he was unhappy with the ruling on the field that led to an Andre Roberts fumble not being overturned when it appeared he might have gotten his knee down before the ball came out.

Snyder was complaining about the call as the elevator went down and then, when he got off the elevator, which is a few feet from the stadium exit, he spat on the floor in disgust.

Berry said it was done “in a demonstrative way” as a means of disrespect, a way “to leave his mark” on the stadium on his way out.

Washington was only down seven at the time, and it’s things like these that make you confident Snyder will never ‘get it.’ And that Skins fans are forever fucked for the 40 or so more years he will remain alive. If Dan’s this bad now, just wait until he gets senile.