‘What The F*ck Does Darren Rovell Know About Fighting?’ – Dana White Lights Up Darren Rovell After UFC 232

The sports universe has a love/hate relationship with Darren Rovell, former ESPN sports business guy and Twitter sports fact nerd/know-it-all. His dance is a familiar one for many: Tweet bad opinion, get blasted for it. Yet he remains gainfully employed at The Action Network because (A. He has a huge audience and (B. He’s mastered the well-oiled machinery of the real-time sports news cycle, regularly break news thanks to every PR person on the face of the planet feeding him information (and tweeting every damn thing they send him). He’s a professional with a platform and, like everyone on Twitter, a lot of really shitty opinions.

He also “continues to besmirch the game of basketball” on a regular basis, largely for attention. It’s an annoying train-wreck that’s impossible to watch.

Rovell was in rare form for UFC 232, especially after Amanda Nunes beat Cris Cyborg by knock out in :51 seconds. He fired off this tweet:

UFC President Dana White, meanwhile, didn’t think too highly of that opinion and Rovell speculating that the UFC has trouble on their hands with Rousey and Cyborg collectively taking Ls.

White gave Rovell a swirly for this bad take, emphasizing how much he can’t stand Rovell.

‘What the f*ck does Darren Rovell know about fighting?”

Valid question, Dana. Valid question.

Rovell sounds like a moron thinking Cris and Ronda are the only two marketable female fighters. For Pete’s sake, Nunes WON against both of them in a truly decisive fashion. To the fight world, she’s on a trajectory of her own and her star power is only growing.

The UFC is set up for these upsets for a reason and that’s why MMA fans love it. If you want the same fighters with the same storylines doing the same thing over and over again, grab some popcorn and watch Monday Night Raw.

Watch Dana White light into Darren Rovell after UFC 232 below:

Meanwhile, legions of MMA fans are lighting into Rovell for just how dumb his tweet is.

Probably should take the L here. Discretion is the better part of valor, as they say.


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