Dana White Picks Winner For A Hypothetical Power Slap Matchup Between Michael Jordan And LeBron James

Dana White at Power Slap

Getty Image / Louis Grasse

After LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were swept out of the playoffs by the Denver Nuggets a couple of weeks ago, it led to the GOAT debate being brought up once again.

While that sweep led to some interesting takes on how it impacts where LeBron stands in the debate between him and Michael Jordan for the top spot on the NBA GOAT list.

Yesterday, Dana White added an surprising new take of his own to the Jordan-LeBron debate.

During an interview with Barstool Sports’ Robbie Fox, White was asked what he thought would happen if the two NBA stars squared off in Power Slap.

According to White, it is Michael Jordan who would come out on top in a hypothetical slap fight.

”Michael Jordan [would win],” White said. “Listen, I respect LeBron and what he has done and who he is as an athlete. Never in trouble. Always there for the games. Makes a big difference when he’s on a team. You feel the difference when he’s on a team. But Jordan is my all-time [favorite player]. And I’m a Celtics guy, but Jordan is a f–––––– killer. Jordan is a killer.”

I guess we’ll just have to add “would win in Power Slap” to the list of reasons why Michael Jordan wins the GOAT debate over LeBron James.

LeBron would definitely have the size advantage in a slap fight between the two, but it looks like Dana White would expect Jordan to be able to overcome that.

Jordan’s competitive drive was a big part of his success in the NBA and would likely translate well in any sport.

He’d also likely have some added motivation with a bit of action on the outcome of the event.