The Breakdancing Robots On CBS’ NCAA Tournament Broadcasts Are So Bad They’re Good

dancing robots cbs broadcast

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Just generally speaking, we’ve come a long way in the TV animation space, especially when it comes to animations on sports shows. FOX’s gigantic robot that jumps all over the place during the network’s NFL coverage is probably the most recognizable, and that’s a good example of where things have gone, plus it shows what people much more creative than you or I can create.

Every so often, however, we see something in the animation space that makes us question whether we’re in the year 2021 or 1991, and CBS’s breakdancing robots they debuted during their NCAA Tournament pregame show on Friday is the perfect example of that.

While the show was running through the slate of games for the opening day of the tournament, out of nowhere came these odd-looking figures with sideways hats and sunglasses breakdancing their faces off, literally, they didn’t have mouths. The Mii characters for Wii look cooler than these two things, which is saying a lot. The animations were so bad, they’re good, hence why we’re talking about them.

The only thing CBS could’ve done to make these strange figures worse, or in this case better, is if the network put masks on them.

It’s obvious that CBS wanted to go with some sort of low-budget, really bland animation and that’s exactly what they got. Mission accomplished on that front. They’re sort of cool in a nostalgic way because they’re so simple and outdated, but you better believe plenty of people roasted the network for going this direction.