Danica Patrick Has FIGHTING WORDS For Dale Earnhardt Jr. After He Tapped Her At Kentucky Speedway

Last night at Kentucky Speedway, Danica Patrick went in on Dale Earnhardt Jr. over the radio. Here’s the TL;DR: Dale Jr. was having trouble with his brakes and ended up tapping Danica. This, understandably, pissed her off. So she tapped back. But over the radio, she went IN to her team about Dale hitting her… Via NASCAR dot com:

“I didn’t have any brakes,” Earnhardt told his team on the radio after the incident. “I don’t even know why we’re out here.”

This didn’t appease Patrick, who colorfully expressed her fury on her own radio.

“Fuck 88,” Patrick said to her team. “Did he fucking hit me? Go fuck yourself. Really?”

And then Dale Jr. responded:

“I guess, what’s gonna happen out here with no brakes on a fuckin’ race car?” he radioed in. “I don’t even know why we’re fuckin’ out here. I come all the way into the back straight and all the way into the corner, [the brakes went] all the way to the floor.”

Here is better audio of Danica saying loud and clear “FUCK 88…. Did he just fucking hit me?”

I think we can all agree that NASCAR needs more WWE-esque shenanigans like this. I would legit watch every race every week. Afterwards, he apologized, via NBC Sports:

I probably shouldn’t have been racing as hard as I was when we run into the back of Danica. But I went into the corner, mashed the brakes to the floor, pumped it three times and then ran into her. Wasn’t nothing I can do.

It sucks. I don’t like running into Danica because it gets a little bit too much attention. But I’m sorry for that.


[H/T: Uproxx / Jalopnik]

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