Daniel Berger Argues With Playing Partners Over Drop At The Players: ‘You’re Wrong’

Daniel Berger Argues With Playing Partners Over Drop At The Players

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  • Daniel Berger argued with his playing partners about where he should take a drop after finding the water at The Players.
  • Video shows Berger completely disagreeing with both Viktor Hovland and Joel Dahmen about the drop.
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The 2022 Players has featured plenty of rain, wind, multiple delays, holes-in-one, and even a heated argument between playing partners.

The drama unfolded on the Par 5 16th. Daniel Berger went for the green in two but found the water right of the green. Berger walked up to where he believed his ball crossed into the hazard, but playing partners Joel Dahmen and Viktor Hovland thought he walked well past where his ball found the drink.

Hovland and Dahmen both explained to Berger that they thought his ball crossed further back than he believed. A rules official got called into the situation, and that’s when the argument really picked up.

With Dahmen and Hovland both convinced Berger’s ball crossed the hazard further back, Berger was essentially forced to drop where they wanted him to, which he wasn’t happy about. An unhappy Berger ultimately dropped his ball 97 yards from the hole, but he was convinced he should’ve taken his drop about 80 yards from the pin.

“I’m gonna drop here for the sake of you guys, but you’re wrong,” Berger said before ultimately taking his drop.

As the rules official explained, there was no video evidence that showed where it was his ball actually crossed into the hazard.

From behind, it did look like Berger’s ball may have found the water closer to the green than Hovland and Dahmen believed.

Berger ended up making bogey on the 16th hole before making pars on his final two holes ending his tournament at 6-under par.

After his round, Berger addressed the drama that unfolded at the 16th.

“I felt strongly my ball crossed here, they felt strongly it didn’t,” Berger told Ryan Lavner. “I’m not upset about where I dropped. It 100% was the correct place to drop, but I thought it would have been a little further up. It was the right decision.”