Daniel Cormier Criticizes Derrick Lewis Which Leads To A Spicy Exchange

Daniel Cormier and Derrick Lewis

Getty Image / Steven Ryan

Derrick Lewis is set to take on Sergey Spivak in what should be a great fight at UFC Fight Night.

However, Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier shared some criticism about Lewis which led to a rather spicy exchange.

According to MMA Junkie, Cormier believes Derrick Lewis is going to win his fight on Saturday. Even so, the former double champ doesn’t think he’ll get back to the top of the rankings anytime soon.

During a press conference, Derrick Lewis had an opportunity to respond to Daniel Cormier, per MMA Junkie.

Lewis is never one to shy away from anything. Additionally, he looks like he’s put in the work and has lost a ton of weight.

That’s been one of the main criticisms about his career. So perhaps getting healthy can turn things around for the fan favorite. Regardless, Daniel Cormier just doesn’t think it’s enough.

Now, it sounds like Derrick Lewis has something to prove in his fight against Sergey Spivak. If he can get back in the win column, then perhaps there is still enough juice for a title run.

We’ll see how it plays out though. We’re sure Daniel Cormier is keep a close eye on this fight.